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An allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction to food, inhalant, or contact. The bodys defenses are signaled into an overreaction to a particular substance. This hypersensitivity often causes extreme heat in the animal, seen as reddened skin, hot weepy lesions, panting, restlessness and skin that may be hot to the touch.

$22.99 - $94.99

When it comes to collars, leads, and harnesses, we believe your product is only as good as its stitching. At Dog Gone It, we spend the extra time and attention providing stitching you can depend on.

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The Good Dog Company was the first to use hemp corduroy in making collars, leashes, and harnesses. This material is super soft because it is ridged velvet.

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What if eating the right food solved the problem?


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Meet Big Shrimpy's Nest Dog Bed, the bed that is built to last. And it's backed with a 3-year limited warranty to prove it.

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A great flower esssence for improved confidence, self reliance and postive attitude.

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Portable home away from home!

Excellent for travel, Sets up and folds down in seconds; no tools necessary

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The microfiber chenille blend allows the Soggy Doggy Doormats® and Super Shammys to soak up water and dirt like a sponge!


There’s a reason we call Restore Salve a “vet in a jar”

It stops itching and helps dogs avoid secondary skin infections.

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Now: $14.99

This remedy helps to ease and release anxiety and anxiety-based behaviors including but not limited to nervous habits, anxious or obsessive behaviors such as excessive licking or feather picking,


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Milk Thistle contains the active ingredient silymarin which supports normal liver function. Organically grown and freshly ground, Herbsmith Milk Thistle is a natural alternative to support normal liver function.

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If your pet suffers from allergies, dry itchy flaky skin, hot spots, or other skin/fur issues, then these products should help alleviate these and many more problems.

Lavender Essential Oil-- A Great Alternative to Oatmeal!


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It's Good To Be Different T-shirt

It's good to be different! Proudly wear your Dogs Naturally T-shirt and let others know that you aren't just part of the crowd!

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BOO BOO BUTTER™ – Organic Dog Balm for your dog’s discomforts. Made for scrapes, bumps, bruises, ouchies, itchies and owies.

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PETfection Bug Repellent Spray is designed to prevent flea & tick infestation, and mosquito bites on your pet's fur and skin.

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