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This unique combination of herbs has gentle and harmonizing properties, making Herbsmith Comfort Aches the ideal natural alternative. In Chinese theory, these herbs have been very successful at quickly managing discomfort and supporting the normal healing process.

$22.99 - $94.99

When dogs wear our patterned collars their unique personalities shine!

Was: $17.99 - $19.99
Now: $15.99 - $17.99

What if eating the right food solved the problem?


Was: $144.99
Now: $125.99

A Tagua nut comes from a Palm tree and is also known as "Vegitable Ivory". It is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Your pets will go "Nuts" for these Collar Companions.

Was: $16.99 - $34.98
Now: $14.49 - $32.48


Tearing your hair out because your dog IS tearing his out!

DigestiAve Aid and Natural Pet Treat for All Breeds

Price Varies

Canine Joint Works uses mineral- and vitamin-rich nutrients important for joint repair, as well as agents that protect and regenerate connective tissue and cartilage in affected joints.

Was: $34.99
Now: $28.89

The microfiber chenille blend allows the Soggy Doggy Super Shammys to soak up water and dirt like a sponge!


A flower essence remedy for improved clarity, confidence, and energy in the older dog.

Was: $24.99
Now: $20.89

If your pet suffers from allergies, dry itchy flaky skin, hot spots, or other skin/fur issues, then these products should help alleviate these and many more problems.

Was: $15.99 - $19.99
Now: $12.99 - $16.99

Inflapotion™ is an all natural herbal remedy that stops pain and inflammation.

Was: $24.99
Now: $21.99

All natural wormer and nutritional supplement for dogs. 

Was: $25.99
Now: $22.99

Glacier Peak Gold is a unique blend of antibiotic / anti-viral /anti-fungal herbs. 


Dogs are sure to be drawn to the tufted square fibre topped foam center cushion

and will be pampered with the plush overstuffed outer bolsters.

$119.99 - $139.99

Everything to keep your dog in top condition, all in one bundle!

Was: $62.97
Now: $55.97

Homeopathic remedy for symptoms of hot spots on dogs & cats, such as dry, itchy and irritated skin.

Was: $32.95
Now: $27.95

All prices are in USD