What if feeding the right food solved the problem?


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Now: $94.99
VALUE PACK: Feed-sentials plus Sh-emp Oil plus Sunday Sundae

What if eating the right food solved the problem?


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Now: $126.99
Eco-friendly Tagua Nut Collar & Bracelet Companion

A Tagua nut comes from a Palm tree and is also known as "Vegitable Ivory". It is both eco-friendly and sustainable. Your pets will go "Nuts" for these Collar Companions.

$17.99 - $42.98
Canine Joint Works 7oz

Canine Joint Works™ is a very effective blend of herbs and Glucosamine that is specifically formulated to support Joint Function.

Green Hope Farm's "ABANDONMENT & ABUSE" 1/2 oz

This remedy is especially beloved by rescue animals or any animal that has been through an experience of trauma, abuse or abandonment.


Herbsmith Milk Thistle 75gr

Milk Thistle contains the active ingredient silymarin which supports normal liver function. Organically grown and freshly ground, Herbsmith Milk Thistle is a natural alternative to support normal liver function.

PETfection "Lavender Puppy Suds Shampoo"

100% Natural and Organic pet shampoo effectively cleans and protects fur and skin. Its non-toxic formula is pH balanced for a dog's fur & skin, and is excellent at controlling dandruff, allergies, itchy spots, and greasy fur.

Was: $17.99
Now: $15.99
Bug Repellent Spray

PETfection Bug Repellent Spray is designed to prevent flea & tick infestation, and mosquito bites on your pet's fur and skin.

Hot Spots and Wound Spray

PETfection Hot Spots/Wound Spray is designed to heal and soothe hot spots and other minor wounds on your pet.

K9 #13 Herbal Wormer, 90 capsules

#13 Herbal Wormer naturally supports your dog’s natural defenses against worms, because when it’s operating correctly, that defense system is enough to destroy or expel unwanted parasites.

Inflapotion(TM) ~ Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Joint Pain ~ 240 capsules

Inflapotion™ is an all natural herbal remedy that reduces pain and inflammation. 

"VERY SCARY THINGS" Aldaron Essences

Very Scary Things reduces fears, phobias, and general anxiety in dogs.

$10.95 - $41.49
Immu G.O. Wafers~180 count

Gland & Organ Concentrate For The Immune System.

SuperEssentials for Dogs & Cats~1 lb

SuperEssentials™ is a nutritional supplement for your companion animal that works as a wonderful addition to any type of diet.

Calm My Pet Pendant for Protection

Calm My Pet Pendant is beautifully designed with hand selected ceramic beads and gem stones.


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